Our Approach

Our Approach

Over the past 4+ years, we have been collecting wooden chopsticks from restaurants around Sydney.

Disinfecting, washing, drying and storing in order to create artworks which embody themes of sustainability, consumerism and culture.

We want to make a positive difference through creating artworks such as a chopstick surfboard inspired by both Australian and Chinese culture from recycling chopsticks into a second life.

Our Story

Our Story

One day after consuming a lovely bowl of wonton noodle soup, I noticed the waiter picked up the bowl and threw the chopsticks into the bin. This made me start to think about waste so I jumped onto my phone and discovered over 45 billion pairs of disposable chopsticks per annum go straight to landfill in China.

In Sydney, it is estimated over 200,000 chopsticks alone go straight to landfill per year with an average 45 minute time frame of single use.

This inspired me to start thinking of ways to recycle wooden chopsticks.

Our Partners

We would like to thank our sponsors and partners for their continuous support.
For sponsorship opportunities contact:


Evelyn Wong


Evelyn Wong wants to make a positive difference through creating artworks such as a chopstick surfboard inspired by both her Australian and Chinese culture.

"Creativity has always been my passion which is why I’m a chartered accountant" 


ChopstickSurfboard Mark Riley

Mark Riley

Owner Riley Balsawood Surfboards

Mark Riley has been creating balsa surfboards since 1996.

Riley balsa is all about the environment and how our toxic footprint can be reduced, by using products like balsa instead of polyurethane.

Chopstick Surfboard


Japanese and Chinese Restaurants Around Sydney

Since the project completion, many of these restaurants are no longer trading.

We would like to sincerely thank our restaurant partners for their support.

Interested in sponsorship?

If you are interested in corporate sponsorship or becoming a partner of the chopstick surfboard project please contact us [email protected]