Check out these sexy surfboards made from bamboo…yes bamboo

Winners of a design award at the Australian International Design Awards these surfboards make you drool with love – Bamboo Surfboards yes yes yes  right there. Conceptual love. Product love.

Check out the product life and environmental considerations in the Bamboo Surfboard design process:

“Bamboo surfboards have a non-toxic foam core (polystyrene), which vastly reduces waste and is recyclable unlike the industry standard foam core (polyurethane). We are also involved in recycling our off-cuts of bamboo for mulch and our foam off-cuts for packing, furniture, and landscaping (earth fill) applications. Bamboo is a more renewable resource than trees. Trees may take 50 years to reach full maturity; bamboo can mature in only 3 to 5 years.”

Back shortly…just have to go and change my pants now. Mmm oh soooo h.o.t

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