Have you ever looked at someone or something and thought, this is the reason i am going to jail.

Well that happened tonight. After spending 2.5 hours applying eco epoxy resin to the board in 30+ degree heat in the garage. I awoke to find the resin hadn’t set. It was a tacky mess. Spent a few hours scraping off the tacky resin only to re-apply and have the same shit happen again. whyyyyy? 

According to google, there are a few reasons why this might occur

1. Incorrect Ratio of Epoxy : Hardener

2. Insufficient Mixing time of the epoxy parts

3. Humidity

Turns out, you have to be quite specific with the epoxy mix and I had stupidly been applying a 1:1 ratio when it was closer to 2:1 

*slaps forehead (it’s been that long since i last worked on this project)

lesson learnt. I’ve re-applied and hopefully we’ll see a better result in the morning.