One of the many challenges you face whilst undertaking a project of this nature is overcoming procrastination and memory loss. Since the last update in June 2012, the fumes from the eco glue vaporised my memory and sent the password to this Turmbr account into a dark abyss…fortunately the Tumblr team have not only managed to crack 100 million blogs in that time however also managed to reset the password. Phew.

Looking back over the past couple of months…

  1. Two boxes of used unwashed chopsticks were stolen from my garage (a junkie also died in the park across the road today, just trying to keep it in perspective sort of)
  2. Ran out of eco glue 6 months ago
  3. Re-ordered more glue 3 months ago
  4. Re-commenced gluing chopstick panels 2months ago, got a heap of resin on the carpet and didn’t realise until the following morning so now have hard patches/sink holes of dried resin in the living room (its ok, I’ve just put the coffee table over the top of the biggest resin sink hole)

Feeling pretty over gluing bits of wooden chopsticks together, suuuuch a pain in the arse and not even sure if this is going to work out. Might need a book on project management to get this baby to completion.